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At 3:35 PM. on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 I sold both Steinberger Legend guitars to a man from Lexington, Massachussetts. The transaction occurred in the parking lot of the Citizens Bank at 146 Fox Hunt Drive, Bear, Delaware 19701.

I can play anything that has strings on it and I can play keyboards, Saxophones, harmonica, and I sing in the tenor, and baratone ranges.

I lost the use of my right hand after a serious accident in April of 1988. I spent two years trying to recover from the injuries, however the attempt to recover to the desired level of performance failed to produce the desired result.... I have taken the time from 1993 until now (Monday, August 30, 2004.) but I have decided that it is time to sell my Steinberger guitars....
There's a picture of me playing the keyboard of an Ensoniq TS10 at this URL: as you can see I have recovered the use of my right hand to some extent, however like my Steinberger guitars, the keyboard is for sale... (Oops! I sold the TS-10 In June...)
There is far more Steinberger stuff for sale than I have on display here at my web page.

Steinberger guitars need a special double ball string in order to perform the "transpose" with the tremelo (TransTrem), however Ned Steinberger invented a special adaptor dedicated to achieving the same effect with regular guitar strings. I do have the adaptor....

Both of my Steinberger guitars are fitted with "Active" EQ, and EMG pickups, and they are powered by either one nine volt battery or a "Phantom" power supply, The A100. I have the Steinberger A100 Phantom power supply, and the Steinberger folding guitar stand.

Steinberger guitars were sold in a "gig bag" my gig bags have been in storage for the years that I have owned my guitars due to the fact that I carry both instruments in a custom built "Road" case that is on display with the guitars at this URL: As a result of the road case both gig bags are in excellent un-used condition.

Yes the Steinberger Guitars are for sale. I am NOT giving them away. They are not "entry" level instruments. They are "professional bread and butter" tools aimed at a professional musician who "works" and can afford good tools for his craft.

Additionally: these Steinberger Guitars have become collectable instruments because they are "Steinberger Guitars" not Gibson Steinberger models. If you are sincerely interested in these sophisticated instruments. Please think of them as an investment similar to real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities, and etc.... Like a fine wine as these instruments age they get "better" in a financial sense.... They'll become more valuable....

If you are truely interested in acquiring these instruments they are currently located in a suburban area of Wilmington, Delaware. and you are cordially invited to make me an offer for my highly regarded tools.

I am happy that you took the time to look at my Steinberger guitars, thank you for visiting my webpage please feel free to bookmark and return to this site. 


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3 Steinberger Guitars For Sale

At 3:35 PM. on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 I sold both Steinberger Legend guitars to a man from Lexington, Massachussetts. The transaction occurred in the parking lot of the Citizens Bank at 146 Fox Hunt Drive, Bear, Delaware 19701.

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741 days later, On Tuesday, October 24, 2006 I sold both Steinberger guitars to a new friend of mine in Lexington, Massachusetts. The effort to sell these instruments required almost four years (1,461 days.) of maintaining a high profile on the Internet. I sold the guitars to a new friend by the name of Glen....

We (Glen and I.) lost none of the cash that was used in this transaction to eBay or PayPal!

It's . . . .

I'm always here; even when I'm not!

Click on this drawing of me for more about my toys
Some guy in my audience at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania drew this picture of me....

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please don't be afraid to get in touch with any questions, comments, or reactions!


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I'm always here....
Even when I'm not!

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Steinberger, Gibson, & Martin guitars, amps, rack mount efx. etc...

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