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I have decided that I have so much going on at this website, that I should provide some sort of help for people who can't find stuff on the Internet.... I'm going to dedicate this page to DELAWARE. Today is Thursday, January 12, 2006, and I'm starting this page with one link. There will be many more links later.


I am a native of Delaware, and as such I'd like to contribute something here for everyone from Delaware that can be useful. As a "public service" the information that I'm going to place here will be dedicated to helping people from Delaware find important services, and help....
Adopted on July 24, 1913, the Delaware state flag has a background of colonial blue surrounding a diamond of buff color in which the coat of arms of the state is placed. Below the diamond are the words "December 7, 1787," indicating the day on which Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States constitution. Because of this action, Delaware became the first state in the Union, and is, therefore, accorded the first position in such national events as presidential inaugurations. According to members of the original commission established to design the flag, the shades of buff and colonial blue represent those of the uniform of General George Washington. Inside the diamond, the flag recognizes the importance of commerce {the ship} and agriculture {wheat, corn, the ox and the farmer} to the state. Tribute is also paid to the Revolutionary War Soldiers. The words in the banner read "Liberty and Independence."
An abbreviated History or "timeline" of events that occurred in DELAWARE:
(1609) Henry Hudson sails his ship, the Half Moon, up Delaware Bay, and became the first European to visit the area

(1613) The explorer, Cornelius Jacobsen May, arrives in the area and trades with local Indians

(1638) Dutch settlers on two ships, led by Peter Minit, arrive in the Wilmington area, naming it Christina

(1655) The Governor of New York, Peter Stuyvesant, along with a large fleet, capture all of New Sweden, thus ending Swedish rule in the colonies

(1682) William Penn, the new owner of both Delaware and Pennsylvania, sails up the Delaware River on his way to Philadelphia

(1704) Becomes British Colony

(1776) Caesar Rodney, suffering from cancer, makes his famous ride from Wilmington to Philadelphia on horseback, and casts the deciding vote for the Declaration of Independence

(1787) Delaware ratified the U.S. Constitution and became the First State

(1802) Du Pont gunpowder mill established

(1812) Delaware's Captain Thomas MacDonough's victory in the battle of Lake Champlain, during the War of 1812, becomes that war's turning point....

(1829) Chesapeake and Delaware Canal opens.

(1862) At the Civil War battle of Antietam, half of the state's Continental Army soldiers were killed. Delaware troops were among the most effective soldiers of the Continental Army, distinguishing themselves in battle. Because of their reputation as fighters, they were called Blue Hens after the famous bluish cocks they took with them on their campaigns

(1910) U.S. Battleship Delaware commissioned

(1935) Nylon invented at Du Pont Company

(1951) Delaware memorial Bridge opens, connecting New Jersey

(1978) By order of the U.S. Supreme Court, Delaware began the busing of children from the inner-city neighborhoods of Wilmington to the more affluent suburbs, thus helping to establish busing across the nation.
(2006) One of the first things Middletown Delaware Town Council did in its posh new chambers on Jan. 9 was give Jason Grygo the go-ahead to open an indoor skate park called Gyro's on the western reaches of town. The First Skate Park in The First State!



It's Thursday, January 12, 2006. and this is my list of what I think is important links to services, and assistance for people who live in Delaware:


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