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There are six other properties on the 200 unit block of Smyrna Avenue that have community property "shared driveways." my property is one of those six as is my next door neighbor. Out of six families that have this experience, my neighbor is the only one that does not understand. etc. ad-infin-item....

for nearly a quarter of a century I have had to ask for his permission to use my driveway, and when he was not on vacation that seemed to work until I put a shed in my back yard....

When I got the police involved Buffalo Chip arbitrarily painted a line down the center of the driveway based on a nickle that I put in the concrete rain/storm gutter when it was built in 1978 before Buffalo Chip was living here in Gwinhurst.... The nickle is dated 1978 as that was the year that it was installed.
Now Buffalo Chip parks his vehicle on his side of that line and he refuses to move, thus denying me access, ingress, and egress to and from my property!

More buffalo chip stuff at this URL:

This information has been placed here for my attorney on
 Saturday, December 10, 2005.
These are some of the pictures that I have uploaded, The webpage is still being designed, and for that reason is still under construction.... Look for that piece of work very soon, right here.... The "driveway" belongs to both of us and we are supposed to keep it un-obstructed, and open so that either of us has unfrettered access, egress, and ingress to our back yards. For the past 25 years I have had to ask for permission to use my driveway when ever they were'nt on vacation, or could find the time to be home and answer the door....
Because I had the backbone to stand up for my right to use my driveway (I called the police twice....) Buffalo Chip painted a line down the center of the driveway and refuses to move his vehicle from "his side" of the "community" property! Here's the proof of his conduct among these pictures.... There are three (3) "community property driveways" on our block of Smyrna Avenue in Gwinhurst, and both him and his wife don't get it.... When my attorneys are finished with them they'll probably get the idea, but by then it'll be a too late, pricy education....


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