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On Monday, November 29, and Tuesday, November 30, 2004 
A_Web_Master@Yahoo.Com has found that after playing 7,183 games of freecell, the computer cheats!  


I used to set in front of my computer like a nice little boy playing with my toy (FreeCell.) it was fun, it was challenging, and it was of some benefit in helping the hands on the clock spin a little faster...
It turns out however to have been a real exercise in futility, as the software for the game freecell acting in concert with the operating system windows 98 on a computer that I bought from a major computer chain in Wilmington, Delaware Cheats!!!
Here is a remedy if you get caught up into one of those games that cannot be beat.... If you find your statistics become compromised by the card game that cheats all players in the digital domain, try this little trick:
Hold down the "control" key (CTRL) and Hold down the "Shift" key (Shift), that is hold down both keys simultaneously with one hand, and press the "hot key" labeled "F10" with the other free hand. When you release the F10 key a popup window will manifest on your screen offering you three options.
Click "Abort" to win.... No matter which card you click on in your next move you will win the game even if you are hopelessly loosing!
Remember this as you click "abort to win" Two wrongs do not make a right....



If you play freecell with a desire to win.... Forget it!!!! There are some games that cannot be beat.... FREECELL Cheats!!!! No matter how many hands of freecell you may win there are several that cannot be resolved! Hand number 22893 is delt to you like this.... YOU LOOSE!!!!

I know that you want more evidence I had been keeping a record of my progress after I hit 7,000 wins and 11 losses on Tuesday, November 23, 2004. I was somewhat proud of the statistics so I published them on this webpage, and these webpages: November 25November 27, November 28, November 29, November 30, Then I was delt these hands and who according to the rules of the game can win these hands? FreeCell Cheats 1, FreeCell Cheats 2, FreeCell Cheats 3.
Then I heard a little voice telling me to use various search engines on the Internet to look for more information regarding Microsoft Freecell.... I was truely astonished, and within seconds my addiction to the game was reduced to fascination. I still play the game but winning is no longer the only goal.... Now I look for the "fixed" games, and once I find them I feel a very intense need to publish them for everyone to see that their faith in microsoft's integrity, and ethics is sorely misplaced!


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